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Ardy Electronics Ltd

Ardy Electronics Ltd is a company which develops hardware and software products for secure telecommunication. The head office is located in Hong Kong with operation offices in Dubai, Middle East and Sweden, Europe.

The company group started in 1983 by the founder Mr. Bengt Arnesson from Sweden and has today customers in about 50 different countries. Most customers are Government organisations such as Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior.

The hardware security products are manufactured in Sweden and shipped around the world since the start of the company. The software product which is called SafeIT is developed since 1999 and contains today totally 10 different security software packages. The security software’s are today translated into 8 different languages, including Arabic and Farsi.

The award-winning SafeIT™ Security Office is the leading program suite for user-friendly file, disk and e-mail encryption. The SafeIT software prevents unauthorized access to restricted e-mails and documents and offers different shredding functions for complete removal of selected stored information on any kind of memory in the computer.

The encryption technology used in our hardware and software products supports PKI solutions and several other standard encryption algorithms and also a proprietary encryption algorithm with a symmetric key length of 480 bits.

All programs included in the SafeIT Security Office package are easy to install and administrate as one user friendly software package on all Windows based clients.